Black Obsidian Cross Necklace



Black Obsidian Cross Necklace

This obsidian rock name is taken from the name of the inventor, namely a Roman named Obsidius who lived in the Vesuvius Mountains. Obsidian stone is a type of rock formed from minerals trapped in volcanic molten lava (read: type of volcanic eruption) which suddenly emits to the surface of the Earth (read: the shape of the earth’s surface) when an eruption occurs.

Obsidian stone is formed due to extreme temperature differences between conditions that exist in the bowels of the Earth (read: the core of the Earth) and those outside the Earth’s surface. Because it is formed from minerals, the obsidian is rich in minerals and its shape is very beautiful with a variety of colors.

Benefits of Obsidian Stones

As a cutting tool

Let us look back at the characteristics and characteristics of obsidian. In some of the characteristics or characteristics possessed by this rock, one of them is obsidian stone which has hard properties and also has sharp fragments. These sharp stone fragments have caused obsidian to become a cutting tool. Concoidal fragments of obsidian cause the rock to break into several pieces that have a curved surface.

Fractures can also produce very sharp rocks. The function of obsidian as a breaker was actually discovered by people of old. People find ways to solve obsidian so that it produces cutting tools that are available in various shapes and sizes. Its sharp nature makes this rock converted into several tools such as knives, arrows, spear eyes and others

 As a jewelry

Obsidian stones consist of various kinds of colors. Even sometimes the colors of obsidian are more than one or combine. The appearance of a clear rock that resembles glass and color varies to the reason why this obsidian is so beautiful. Because of the beauty it possesses, obsidian is processed into jewelry and beads

Cure diseases

Obsidian stones have other benefits, one of which is believed to cure various diseases. There are various kinds of diseases that can be cured with obsidian stones. Some diseases that can be cured using obsidian include kidney stones.

Eliminate blockages during the healing process

Obsidian is also useful in the medical world to remove blockages during the healing process. Usually diseases associated with blood circulation.

Used in astrology

For people who believe in astrology, obsidian stones also play a lot in astrology. Obsidian stones are believed to be influential in astrology. Obsidian stone is used to find the Sagittarius zodiac in astrology.

Believed in occult science

Well, obsidian stones can also affect occult things. For example, this obsidian stone is believed to be effective as a demon exorcist. Some countries in the European continent also believe this, such as in Italy, France and the Netherlands.

Believed to have magical powers

Obsidian stone can affect occult things. as an occult nuance. well, u obsidian is also believed to have magical powers, of course this is considered by some people. This magical power is certainly related to magical powers..



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